Leica’s Tabletop Tripod has been around for many years. Although the trends for tripods keep changing in construction and design to reflect technological advancements and preference of users, Leica tabletop tripod is a sturdy and compact solution for amateurs and professionals. It has a standard 1/4-20″ top screw thread which allows mounting of a wide range of ball heads but Leica camera recommends their #14110 ball head to be used with this tripod.

One of the distinct advantages of Leica tabletop tripod is its compact size, for example, legs rotate to neatly fold flat for transportation and storage purposes. It is sturdy and reliable owed partly to the intelligent design that does not allow legs to extend or collapse.

Unequal legs of Leica tabletop tripod are a disguised blessing because the different length of the legs you are not constrained by a fixed 120 degree of placement or usual 12, 8, and 4 o’clock parting. The ability to set the two shorter legs at 0 or 180 degrees or 12 and 6 o’clock and the longer leg at 90 degrees or 3 o’clock position supported with a bit of weight to avoid the tripod from tipping over is possible positioning for this tripod. What this does is allow for different setups in tight areas like in vehicles or small spaces, especially useful for capturing video.

Adjustable Ballhead Choices

While Leica Camera offers their standard ball head (Leica #14110) as a possible option for Leica tabletop tripod, by no means are you limited, you can, for example, choose Manfrotto 494 series which can be used to adjust the camera position to shoot even the most challenging macro photographs. A more affordable ball for anyone on a budget is Giottos 1003 ball head.

Leica’s 14121 ballhead and Slik Compact Ballhead are other possible option with this tripod. However be warned that 1/4″ screw at the bottom is not always compatible with some ballheads and for this reason choosing a ballhead with 3/8″ and 1/4″ mounting options is best to have when choosing an adjustable ballhead.



If you a videographer, Leica’s tabletop tripod may be limiting if you are aiming to use it in panning shots. However, for capturing food videos or steady position subjects like interviews can be done without major effort.

For long exposure shots, low light photography, and night time stroll through the city to capture amazing photographs are easier with this tripod then lugging around a full length tripod. Its compact size means that it can easily be placed into a messenger or a camera bag for transportation.

Tricks & Tips for Leica Tabletop Tripod

There are a lot of things that are not though in photography schools, and most secrets of the professional are reserved for a few of his or her milleiu. Leica’s tabletop tripod is no exception. Here is one technique hat you might want to try place the shorter legs of the tripod on your chest with the longer leg pointing down and adjust the ballhead to bring the camera to your eye level. Now all you have to do is support the tripod with one hand on your chest and press the shutter with your other hand. This perfect solution to avoid setting up a tripod every time you are roaming the city streets at night or in situations where low light photography requires slower shutter speeds.

There are many other tips and techniques that I teach in my photography workshops. Leica’s tabletop tripod is a very versatile tool that I recommend for capturing photographs on the go whether you are using Leica, Nikon, Canon or Fuji camera.


When it comes to table top tripods the options seem endless. Tripod manufacturers are more and more leaning to use plastic and composite materials to reduce weight while sacrificing durability. This exchange results in tripods becoming obsolete after only a few years. Leica tabletop tripod is built solidly to last a lifetime or two with proper care. In fact, there is very little that can go wrong with it and for this reason I find it as a worthwhile investment despite the price difference from other lighter more technologically advance tripods.

The key to buying a table top tripod is to ensure that the legs don’t flex. Leica tabletop tripod is as sturdy and solid as it gets and when heavier set ups with zoom or telephoto lens are attached to DSLR cameras this tripod is able to handle the weight without difficulty.

You can purchase Leica tabletop tripod easily for a fraction of the cost a new one on Ebay. I suggest you check it out, here.


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